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How does a spiritual self-coach work with you?

Step 1: Daily morning writings

Every day, set your alarm a half hour earlier and commit to a half hour of uninterrupted writings. As soon as you wake up, grab a paper and pen, and be ready to write.

Step 2: Make an agreement with your ego

In your morning writing, start a dialog with your ego. Ask questions like "Hi Ego, I'd like to have a closer relationship with my Higher Power, but I sense that you are worried about that. What are you worried about?". And let your ego write the answers in stream-of-consciousness notes. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Don't think about it, just write, and don't stop writing until your half hour is up. Then, go on with the rest of your day and repeat the process tomorrow.

Once you understand what the exact concerns are your ego has, make a deal. Write down an agreement, like "OK, if I promise that I will not make any changes in my job without asking you about it first, will you let me access my Higher power?" Negotiate, until your ego agrees. This can happen the first time you do your morning writing, or it can happen after a couple of weeks. Don't give up. Be kind to your ego, and be kind and true to yourself.

Step 3: Have an inquiry with your Higher Power

Once you have an agreement with your ego, use the subsequent morning writing sessions to communicate with your Higher Power. Ask your Higher Power if He is there, what He would like to talk about. Ask your Higher Power questions that you would like Him to answer. Again, use stream-of-consciousness writing, just write down whatever comes to mind. Don't think about it, just write it down. When your half hour is finished, stop and come back tomorrow.

Step 4: Look out for synchronicities

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called events that seem causally unrelated yet occur in a meaningful way "Synchronicities". You may have discussed with your Higher Power that you want to start playing the violin again. And the next day, your car breaks down in front of a music store that has a beautiful violin displayed.

Step 5: Gratitude

Before going to bed, think back of the synchronicities you noticed, and thank your Higher Power for staying with you and giving you evidence that He is working with you.

Becoming Your Own Spiritual Coach - Four Steps to a Unique Spiritual Experience
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